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Technology FAQs

Below, you will find the answers to a variety of common technology questions. 

  1. Do Mount Union students need to bring a computer to campus?

    Students entering in the fall of 2018 or after are required to bring a device as a result of our Bring Your Own Device initaitive. For students who entered prior to the fall of 2018, it is highly recommended, but not required for to students provide their own laptop computer. This provides the student the maximum flexibility to complete and print assignments at their convenience.

  2. Does it matter whether the computer is a MAC or PC?

    No, it does not matter. Mount Union supports both types of computers. The type of computer should be whatever the student feels most comfortable using. Faculty and staff utilize both computer platforms.

  3. Is it better to bring a laptop or a desktop to Mount Union?

    For the majority of students, laptops are the preferred device and will allow greater mobility. Most of campus has wireless network coverage.

  4. What are the minimum recommended standards for a computer brought to Mount Union?

    It is not necessary to have a top-of-the line computer. However, for the best performance and efficiency from your computer, the Office of Information Technology has provided guidelines that you can access on the Bring Your Own Device page.
    Should any questions arise when considering what to purchase, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (330) 829-8726.

  5. Who can students contact if they have questions about their computer or any other technology questions they may have?

    Questions should be directed to the IT Helpdesk, located in the Learning Commons of the Kolebrander-Harter Information Center. The IT Helpdesk is available to answer questions about computers or other technology questions that students may have. You can reach the IT HelpDesk from a campus phone at ext. 4257 (HELP). From an off-campus phone, call  (330) 829-8726. You can also email

  6. Does Mount Union provide each student a campus e-mail address?

    Yes, students will receive an address. These are hosted by Microsoft Office 365. All students can access their account from the Mount Union home page via the hidden navigation menu in the top right-hand corner. Access is also available on mobile phones.

  7. Are Mount Union students able to register for classes and view grades online?

    Yes. Each student is given an account in Self-Service. This allows students to search and register for available classes, view end of semester grades, and develop an academic plan.

  8. Are computers and projectors made available in the classrooms?

    Many classrooms on campus are multimedia classrooms equipped with a large screen display, laptop hookups, and speakers. Many of these rooms also include a dedicated computer and document cameras.

  9. What technology does Mount Union provide in the residence halls?

    One cable port is available so that students may connect a television to the campus cable. Bringing a lengthy coax cable affords the student flexibility regarding the location of their television.

    Two ethernet (network) ports are available for connecting computers and game consoles to the campus network.

    Students also have access to the Mount Union wireless network in their residence hall rooms (Xboxes, PlayStations, and Nintendos are unable to connect to the wireless network at this time and will need to plugged into an Ethernet port due to incompatibility with the type of security we use).
    One phone line, which is shared between roommates and will be made live upon request, is also provided. Voicemail is not provided.

  10. Does Mount Union provide students access to campus computer labs?

    We maintain many computer labs with printers for when specialty software or printing is required. For campus printers, our *Environmental Print Policy gives students free printing up to 500 black and white pages per year. 

    *requires access to the faculty, staff, and student portal

  11. Does Mount Union provide access to campus computer labs 24 hours a day?

    Yes. There is a 24 hour study area in the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center that is only accessible by using a Purple Plu$ ID card. Once in the 24-hour study area, there is a PC lab available for students in this space.

  12. Are there fees to print in a campus computer lab?

    Our *Environmental Print Policy gives students a print credit of $50 per year, after this allowance additional credit may be added in $5 increments at the Office of Business AffairsBlack and white prints are $0.05/page. Color prints are available in the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center at $0.30/page.

    *requires access to the faculty, staff, and student portal