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Technology Checklist

On the Mount Union campus, you'll find an environment that incorporates technology at every turn. Devices in the classroom, wireless access across campus, systems that ensure mobility and efficiency, and technology-rich learning spaces are just a few of the ways that we bring the high-tech, high-touch approach to life.

Are you ready to get started? The following steps will help you get started as it relates to technology at Mount Union.

Explore Important Systems

Student on laptop in residence hall room
Log in to Email

 *requires access to the faculty, staff, and student portal

Setup 2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication helps provide an additional layer of protection to keep your account safe. The University requires this for access to campus email.

For assistance with setup please see the following guide, Setup 2-Factor Authentication.

Check Out Self-Service

Self-Service is the system you will use to register for classes and see your final grades, among other activities. The first time you’ll be asked to confirm your identity. Parents are able get a login as well. Look for “Shared Access” under the “My Profile” tab to set it up.

Explore Raider Experience

Raider Experience is the University's mobile app (also available on desktop). It houses important information for students, faculty, and staff in a password-protected environment.

Access Brightspace (D2L)

Brightspace (D2L) is Mount Union’s learning Management System, the online component to your classes at the University. Access to login will be given the week before classes start.

Understand How Your Password Works

Student on a campus lawn using an iPad
Password Requirements

Your password expires every 90 days.
Minimum requirements are at least 10 characters and include three of the following:
Additionally, you cannot use three consecutive letters from your name.

Reset Your Password

To be able to reset your password, you'll first need to register. Follow the register link provided, and click the security info link on the left side of the page.
Reset Password.

Install Software and Tools

Students and professors in the foreign language lab
Install Office 365

The Universtiy provides Microsoft Office to all students, to install click here.

Download Mount Union's Mobile App

Mount Union’s mobile app is available for iOS and Android. You can also search for Mount Union in the app store. You must log into Self-Service once before you are able to log into the app.

Decide What You'll Bring to Campus

Student and professor using laptop on patio of library
Bring Your Own Device

For most students, we recommend an Intel i3, i5, or i7 processor, 8GB of Memory (RAM), 128-512GB Solid State Hard Drive, 13”-15” screen, and four-year warranty to ensure the laptop lasts your Mount Union career.

 You are also eligible for Discounts through Dell and Apple.

 Visit our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) page for more information.

Determine If You’ll Bring a Printer

Individual printers are certainly welcome, but not a necessity. Students are able to print to numerous campus owned printers from their personal laptops using EveryonePrint. Our *Environmental Print Policy provides students a $50 quota per year, prints are charged per page at $0.05 black and white or $0.30 for color.

Get the Cables You’ll Need

Ethernet Network Cable 
While most of the campus has wireless access, an Ethernet cable with provide the fastest most reliable method for computers and game consoles to connect to the campus network. A free cable is provided (up to 10’) by the Office of Information Technology to all incoming students. If you find you need a longer cable, there are a wide variety available online and at local stores.  

Coaxial Cable 
This cable allows students to connect a TV in their residence hall room to the campus cable network. Only one coaxial connection is available for each room. Mount Union does not provide incoming students with a coaxial cable, so students must bring their own.

Pack a Power Strip

Each room in the residence halls provides several receptacles, but we find in many cases this is a worthwhile item to pack. A power strip will provide additional outlets to the student, while in many cases also providing surge protection.