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Koru Mindfulness

The staff in the Office of Counseling Services is committed to providing Mount Union students with fresh skills and content each semester. This year we are proud to announce that Koru Mindfulness Workshops will be offered to students by Dr. Francine E. Packard. Koru uses evidence-based mindfulness skills and information to help students cope and manage the stressors experienced as they maneuver their academic and personal life journey. Please feel free to check this page frequently for new offerings. As always, counseling services are free and confidential to enrolled Mount Union students.


Silent retreats are based on the Koru Mindfulness philosophy. Koru teaches emerging adults the foundation of practical mindfulness skills that can be used daily. We are grateful to offer you this opportunity to unplug from the world, explore the present moment, and learn to build awareness of the connection between the mind and body. Contact us at for more information on how to request services.

Learning to Meditate: Spring Relax Days

  1. Student Retreat Offerings

    Retreat offerings are open to registered Mount Union Students. Group sessions will be 75-minutes from 2 - 3:15 p.m., live in Newbold Room, HPCC. Call or check UMUToday to register for the events. Space may be limited due to COVID.

    • February 16 - Learning to focus
      Learn the neuroscience behind your thinking and how to focus your thoughts using breath awareness/belly breathing, body scanning, and short words and phrases.
    • March 10 - Manage your energy
      Ever feel way too hyper to sit still, or need more energy to get tasks done? Well, you will learn to calm the body by using a walking meditation; dynamic breathing to energize and calm down, and body scanning to get out of your head and focus on your body.

    • March 11 - Self-care
      Learn to label your thoughts and emotions, without judgment, using meditation. We will end this session with a love and kindness meditation.
  2. Faculty and Staff Retreat Offerings

    To be determined based on compliance training days.