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chloe dragos
chloe dragos

Chloe Dragos '23

Integrated media major

The people here make Mount more and more enjoyable. I have been here for three years now and have already found some lifelong best friends.


B.A., Integrated Media


Canton, Ohio

Choosing UMU

I learned about Mount Union because my senior year of high school we took a class trip to visit the University. Immediately, I fell in love. The campus is beautiful, small, and felt like a home away from home. Everyone is so kind and genuine here and the classroom setting are smaller, so you get that personal connection with your professors which I highly enjoy. Having more attention from professors help me learn better than I would in a giant lecture hall filled with students.


Home Away from Home

The people here make Mount more and more enjoyable. I have been here for three years now and have already found some lifelong best friends. I feel as though I have developed some personal connections with faculty on campus as well, which makes going to classes and being more involved even more enjoyable. I received the Methodist Scholarship, Spirit Squad Scholarship, and some academic scholarships as well.


Advice for High Schoolers

My advice would be that if you can't physically picture yourself at a campus then that is not the school for you. Believe me when I say "when you know, you know". I was very stressed with my decision, but after I visited Mount Union for the second time with my family, I knew this was the place for me. Also, my parents telling me I looked so happy during the visit was even more eye opening for me that this was my school.


Experiences through Mount

I currently have an internship that is remote with an organization from New York called Artist on the Go. This is a public relationships internship that gives me a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and gain some experience. Also, being involved in the Raider Student Media has taught me so much with working in the radio station, editing songs, using different systems and software, and creating content with other students. My favorite project I am currently working on is my practicum. Me and two other students are currently working on rebranding our student newspaper, The Dynamo. There is a lack of activity within the student body and our Dynamo, so we are trying to make it more up to date and beneficial for the student body. My experience with the Integrative Core has given me other backgrounds and knowledge in other classes and fields that I could bring into my major and future jobs. I have taken classes I would have never wanted to take but ended up loving every second of them.


Future Plans

My ultimate career goal is to go work for some sort of media/news organization, where I will be reporting on stories and producing my own content to be seen by the public. Mount is helping me prepare for that by being involved in organizations within my major and working closely with my professors who have connections and can get me connected with internships and organizations that can steer me in the right path.