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Bachelor of Arts in Media 

Create your future with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree in media from the University of Mount Union. Students in the media major benefit immensely from the program’s flexible structure. The skills learned while in the media major are a perfect complement to other majors on campus, be it sport business, theatre, public relations, or a host of other programs. These unique major pairings help students establish themselves as well-rounded experts in niche fields, steadfast with a desire to succeed. 

About the Program

With the constantly changing media landscape, our media major prepares students by providing the knowledge and flexibility for a competitive advantage in the job market. Our alumni are commanding leaders at nationally recognized organizations like HBO, United Airlines, and Walt Disney World. Our program also prepares students who plan to earn their master's or Ph.D. After graduate school, our alumni have distinguished themselves as educators, researchers, and media specialists. 

Media Quick Facts

As a media major at Mount Union, you will gain the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of media fields and careers. As part of the media major curriculum, you will study topics including the foundations, history and analysis of media along with audio and video storytelling production skills. 

  • 52-56 credit hours within the media program 
  • 32 credit hours in the well-rounded Integrative Core 
  • Numerous experiential offerings both on and off campus  
  • Scholarships are offered and renewable for up to eight semesters. 

Learn more about the Degree in Media

Build the skills and portfolio future employers are looking for with a Bachelor of Arts degree in media.  Our diverse curriculum paired with our numerous hands-on opportunities allow you to graduate as a hard-working and determined leader ready to distinguish yourself from the competition. 

  • Curriculum

    Media Curriculum

    Our media major requirements are rooted in narrative and feature storytelling. Courses cover video and film editing, camera operation, documentary and creative film production, social media, and multimedia design. Combine these important courses with our dedicated media faculty who are committed to empowering students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful after graduation. Not only are our faculty influential educators, but they are also still working creatively as well. Whether through research, authoring a book, or creating their own short film, our faculty are continually learning about the industry in which their students will one day make a difference. This combination of an in-class education combined with practical working skills makes Mount Union the perfect place for you.  

    Review the Undergraduate Catalog to learn more. 

  • Learning Objectives

    Our degree in media prepares you to:

    • Create ethical and audience-focused messages and productions by: 
      • Producing written, audio, and visual content using narrative, documentary, and feature storytelling techniques and methodology. 
      • Understanding and applying ethical and First Amendment issues related to the production of mediated messages. 
    • Learn to strategically problem solve by: 
      • Analyzing message creation to determine the best form of information delivery.  
      • Demonstrating best practices for adapting, recording, and producing mediated messages.  
    • Practice undergraduate research and theory application by: 
      • Applying media-based research methods to interview sources, gather and analyze data, conduct surveys and focus groups, and evaluate target audiences.  
      • Critically analyzing media messages across multiple channels including print, television, radio, social media, and the internet.  
      • Identifying key technological and historical developments in media, along with knowing how the technologies and developments impact society.  
      • Recognize the importance of diverse groups and the roles they play in both current and historical media context.  
    • Participate in real-world and community-based learning by: 
      • Gaining experience working in community and professional settings and with outside clients.  
      • Producing work designed to meet the needs of outside clients. 
  • Experiential Learning

    Practicums and Internships

    Students who major in media at Mount Union have numerous opportunities for learning both in and out of the classroom. Our practicums and internships empower students through utilizing professional equipment found on movie sets, in stadiums, and with production companies across the country. They build a professional network through our partnerships with influential companies both locally and nationally. This one-of-a-kind opportunity helps students distinguish themselves once they graduate. 

    Student Organizations 

    By participating in Raider Student Media (RSM), students of all majors can establish and grow their skills by producing content for WRMU, 91.1, Studio M or This organization promotes learning by doing while providing students with a collaborative environment in which to grow. Our RSM graduates are impressive and influential leaders ready to take the world by storm.  

  • Careers

    Our media program provides graduates with a wide range of skills that make them more desirable to future employers. In the world of media, those employees with diverse skill sets have a valuable advantage in the job market. Those who pursue a degree in media will learn skills suitable for a variety of careers.  

    Common Careers

    Social Media Content Strategist 
    Digital Media Coordinator 
    Production Researcher 
    Video/Film Producer 
    Creative/Documentary Filmmaker 
    Production designer 
    Visual Media Specialist 


    As a graduate of the media program, students are equipped with the skills and poised to take on leadership roles in a variety of businesses, with local, regional and international employers.   

    Recent Employers 

    Walt Disney World 
    American Signature 
    Resource International Inc. 
    Fox Sports Ohio 
    Ohio Department of Transportation 


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