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Richard Altomare


Anica Ataya


Lori Braa

Associate Professor, Sport Business

Philip Braisted


Libby Bulso


E. Anne Christo-Baker

Professor, Business Administration | Chair, Department of Business

Robert Coon-Anda

Lecturer, Business

Lawrence David

Lecturer, Economics

Sandra Ekstrand

Professor Emerita, Management and Human Resources

Joel Evans

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Xiaoshu Han

Associate Professor, Economics

Martin Horning

Professor Emeritus, Economics

Amber Hunt

Assistant Professor, Finance

Michael Kachilla

Associate Professor, Management and Internship Coordinator | Professional In Residence; Director, Entrepreneurial Initiatives Program and Leadership Studies Program

James Kadlecek

Professor Emeritus, Sport Business

Tim Koba

Assistant Professor, Sport Business

David Kuhlke

Professor Emeritus

Holly Lucas

Instructor, Department of Business

Patricia Matthews

Professor Emerita, Finance and Health Care Management

Mark McConnell

Associate Professor, Marketing | Professional in Residence

Michael Myler

Professor, Economics

Philip Pfund

Lecturer, Management

Ruth Pogacnik

Associate Professor, Accounting

Raymond Posey

Professor Emeritus, Management and Finance

Michael Reolfi


John Ross


Linda Ruse

Risk Management and Insurance Program Director

Francis Schortgen

Professor, Political Science and International Studies, Business | Department Chair, Political Science & International Studies; Department Chair, Sociology and Criminal Justice

William Schweizer

Assistant Professor and Professional in Residence, Management

Karen Skiba

Administrative Assistant, Engineering and Business

Rodney Strata


John Strefeler

Professor Emeritus, Accounting

James Thoma

Professor Emeritus, Sport Business

Russell Tietz

Associate Professor, Accounting

Marsha Tsangaris

Lecturer, Business

Wendy Ziems-Mueller

Associate Professor, Business | Director of the MBA Program

David Zoky

Professor Emeritus, Accounting