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Loay Al-Zube

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Jinwoo An

Assistant Professor, Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Shehla Arif

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Lynn Dudash

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Joshua Gargac

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Vahraz Honary

Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering

Gerald Hoover

Lab Technician

Adrian Jaesim

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Waseem Khalifa

Lecturer, Civil Engineering

Chad Korach

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering | Director, Engineering Program

Zhongkun "Frankie" Ouyang

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

Julie Phillips

Electrical Engineering Laboratory Technician, School of Engineering

Karen Skiba

Administrative Assistant, Engineering and Business

Hans Tritico

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Okechukwu Ugweje

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Xi Wang

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering