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Evan Olbrych
Evan Olbrych

Evan Olbrych '18

The thing I like most is the feeling of acceptance and strength you feel when at this school. I feel proud to wake up every morning and know that I am a Raider.


Computer Information Systems


Cortland, Ohio

Transferring to Mount

My sister attended Mount Union before my twin brother and I did, so Mount Union was the first college I got to fully experience. Mount Union not only had the programs I wanted to join academically, but it also had one big important factor: Mount Union felt like a home to me. From the first experience I had when visiting my sister, I just fell in love with the atmosphere. When I began my college search I never got that feeling of togetherness and belonging like I did with Mount Union. There are so many people from completely different walks of life, yet when you are walking around campus, people say hello or share a smile with you. Everyone feels like a family and is proud to be a part of this amazing institution. It was a very warm and welcoming feeling to me as a potential student.


I never went through the full financial aid process when I was a high school student looking at colleges. When I did decide to transfer to Mount Union, I was able to receive an academic scholarship and a Heritage Scholarship. My academic scholarship was for grades and involvement throughout high school and my first year and a half of college. I received the Heritage Scholarship because my grandfather had attended Mount Union College. During my transfer process, I was able to find out about these scholarships, and it really made the transition smoother knowing I wouldn’t have to pay full tuition. This made my desire to transfer to Mount Union even greater at this point.

Favorite Aspects of Mount Union

I could really write a lot here because every week I find something new and great about this campus—anything from a cool place to hang out or study to the amazing friends I have made. The thing I like most is the feeling of acceptance and strength you feel when at this school. I feel proud to wake up every morning and know that I am a Raider.

Finding My Home

The students and faculty make Mount Union what it is. The people here are amazing, and being surrounded by these great people makes you feel right at home. The professors within my computer science field really made the transition between schools a lot easier. I knew many students here but I was still nervous about the professors and how my classes would go. I met my advisor and another professor within my major and it made my first day feel like just another day at school.

Hands-On Learning

I chose computer information systems as my major because I wanted to find a field of study that is growing and that has a future. Technology is always growing so I figured I would learn how to use and work with technology to ensure that my career has a future. The biggest thing I have experienced is a very strong hands-on learning environment within my field. Being able to roll up my sleeves and do the work instead of being lectured on it makes my field much more enjoyable. I like all of my computer science classes because they really push me not only to learn the material but also to apply them in clever and fun ways throughout the class.

A Liberal Arts Education

You are ready for a broad workforce when you have a liberal arts education. You will have to adapt to a job when you leave school. That’s where this extensive background throughout history and liberal arts can really play a large role in your future. You may be ready to take on challenges that other schools don’t prepare their students for.