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Gender and Sexuality Studies

Gender and sexuality studies, as part of the liberal arts tradition, is devoted to analyzing the effects of cultural attitudes and social structures about gender identity and experiences and to examining previously unavailable information about the lives and contributions of women and gender minorities. Courses in the program demonstrate the importance of gender as a category of analysis and promote understanding of social structures of identity, power, and privilege. Graduates who complete the gender and sexuality studies minor are poised to work in a variety of settings ranging from social service to policy and lobbying organizations to research centers and educational services. Additionally a minor in gender and sexuality studies appropriately prepares students for a range of graduate programs.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor Quick Facts 

  • Students minoring in gender and sexuality studies will gain hands-on experience by participating in internships, study abroad, service-learning experiences, and independent research. 
  • Student organizations affiliated with gender and sexuality studies include Gender Equity Matters (GEM), GSA/PRIDE, Association of International Students, and Black Student Union. 

Required Courses

Interested in a minor in gender and sexuality studies? Learn more about the required classes you will be taking by reading the course catalogue.