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175th Anniversary | Visual and Performing Arts

Whether on the stage, in an exhibit, or in a Cope Hall practice room, the visual and performing arts have been at the core of Mount Union's offerings for most of the institution's history. While countless majors in these programs have gone on to success in the arts, Mount Union's ability to offer these opportunities as co-curricular activities has opened the door for more than a century's worth of artists to express themselves regardless of their field of study. So many students and alumni have their own stories in how the Mount Union's visual and performing arts have impacted them. You can share your own story using the button below.

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Alumni Stories

  1. Elizabeth Domer '20

    Growing up in a Raider family, the last university I expected to choose was 'dear old MUC.' I dreamed of being far away, in a big city, building my own identity - not following in my parents' footsteps. After touring several other campuses, the only one I wanted to revisit was Mount. There was a sense of belonging rooted in my family's connection, but I also knew I was being seen and heard - even before I was a student. That feeling lasted throughout four wonderful years. The faculty noticed me, catered to my learning, and crafted lessons that would ensure my individual growth. As a legacy student, I can say the impact made by the performing arts professors extends beyond the classroom, stage, campus, and even the state. I can hear their words of encouragement and correction, and their investment in me continues to be realized in my own work as a theatre educator. I'm grateful to carry on the legacy of the University of Mount Union.

  2. Sarah Yannie '17

    Mount Union's budding theatre program gave me the jumping off point for my professional career. With the help of instructors such as Kevin P. Kern and the work done at Mount Union's professional theatre company--Shakespeare at the Castle--I was able to start my professional work in acting. I'm very grateful for the people I met working on these productions and the friendship and guidance they have given me throughout the years.

  3. Ian LeRoy '14

    The music and theatre faculty made an enormous impact on my career and my life. I was so lucky to be able to play with the orchestra, sing in the choir, march with the marching band, music direct shows in the theatre department, while also meeting and developing life-long friendships with engineering majors, english majors, philosophy majors, etc. I'm so grateful that the UMU faculty made it possible for me to not only participate in so many curricular and extra-curricular activities-- but also to do so while working as a professional in Cleveland and Akron. The connections I made while studying at Mount Union led directly to every music and theatre contract I've had since.