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Special Projects

Continuing Mount Union's history of excellence is paramount to ensure ongoing success in today's competitive higher education landscape. A strong commitment to exceptional quality across the board - from programs and facilities to technology and engagement - is crucial to every Raider's success. Mount's commitment to liberal arts educational excellence offers a wide variety of funding opportunities. 

Our athletic programs have been a source of great pride and a vital part of Mount Union for years. The valuable skills our students learn through participation in intercollegiate athletics help to improve overall character development and foster diligent work habits, which solidifies essential skills in communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Special Projects

  1. Wable Park

    One of the challenges now facing Mount Union, particularly as it has added new sports like men's and women's lacrosse, involves giving student athletes and their coaches access to adequate practice and competiton facilities. At present, a great deal of outdoor practice and competition takes place in the one campus sports venue that is playable, rain or shine: Mount Union Stadium. A large synthetic turf facility will ease the resulting scheduling crunch, minimize late night practices, and support recruitment of talented student athletes. 

    Athletics Projects

  2. Reunion Giving

    In addition to celebrating alumni accomplishments, friendships, and reunion milestones, Mount Union proudly honors the giving of Reunion Classes and the meaningful legacy their support has had for many generations. 

    What Counts

    The timeframe for counting gifts begins on July 1 of your reunion year and continues until June 30 of the following year. 

    • Gifts and pledges to The Mount Union Fund 
    • Gifts and pledges that create or add to endowed funds 
    • Gifts and pledges for capital purposes 
    • Life payment gifts 
    • All documented estate plan provisions 

    Pause and Reflect

    The anniversary of your graduation is a time to become reqcquainted with Mount Union, renew friendships, and celebrate the Mount Union family. As you return to campus for your class reunion, we hope you will consider how your reunion gift can help make the Mount Union experience as unique and meaningful for today's students as it was for you. 

  3. Athletics

    Our athletic programs have been a source of great pride and a vital part of Mount Union for years. Today, our athletic facilities impact most of Mount Union's student body. With 850 student athletes competing intercollegiately and over 85% of the student population involved in intramural sports, the time has come for us to address the quality of our athletic facilities. Our existing facilities simply do not meet the demand of our students, nor do they reflect the excellence of our current athletic programs.

    Athletics Projects

  4. Choir Tour

    In 2006, the Rachel Boyce Land Foundation generously established an endowed fund that reinstates Mount Union's International Choir Tour after nearly three decades of purely domestic travel. The Rachel Boyce Land International Choir Tour fund sponsors, in part, a life-enriching global touring experience for choir members once every four years. 

    The Foundation has provided the lead gift for this tour, however, additional funds are desired to alleviate the costs of transportation, publicity, lodging, and meals associated with traveling abroad. Together, along with the fundraising efforts of our students, we can spark the synergy and ensure success of promoting our Concery Choir and Mount Union on an international scale. 

    The University would be honored to include you as a philanthropic partner of the Rachel Boyce Land International Choir Tour. 

    International Choir Tour Partner Levels

    $4,100 Student Sponsor 
    $1,400 Airfare Student Sponsor 
    $1,000 Hotel Fee Student Sponsor
    $250 Entrance Fee Student Sponsor 
    Other  Participation 
  5. A Modern Library

    The next iteration of the library will combine faculty offices, classrooms, and book stacks with a student learning commons in which tutoring and academic support are offered, digital studios encourage production of multi-media digital information, and "innovation spaces" facilitate team projects for students in education, entrepreneurship, computer science, and communications. In addition, the library will include technology-rich classrooms to support active learning by students on our campus and at a distance from Mount Union. 

    Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center Project

  6. Engineering and Business Building (EBB)

    The University's programs in business and engineering are growing, and they will soon outgrow the Engineering and Business Building (EBB) within which they are housed. All the while, the University's commitment to the liberal arts, real-world learning experience, and prepartation for career success is alive and well in the EBB. As the University takes significant steps to increase the quality and impact of its business and engineering programs, it is seeking leadership commitments to expand and renovate this facility.  

    Engineering and Business Building Project