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Ivan Haggins
Ivan Haggins

Ivan Haggins D'19

Graduate Student | Physical Therapy

This program stood out to me because it is innovative in its approach to teaching PT...


B.S., Health Sciences, The Ohio State University


Hudson, Ohio

Interest in PT at Mount Union

Throughout my life I have experienced a significant amount of injuries, both minor and major. My experiences in physical therapy initiated my interest in the profession and my time spent in the clinic as a tech at Ohio State solidified my love for PT.  The whole application and interview process made me feel like Mount Union was a program I really wanted to become a part of; Mount is also close to home for me, which is a bonus. The faculty and their vision for this brand-new program was a huge difference maker for me. This program stood out to me because it is innovative in its approach to teaching PT; some programs are exclusively lecture-based learning while others are 100% problem-based learning, Mount is a hybrid that utilizes both styles of learning in an efficacious way for the students.

Hands-On Experiences

During my time at the Cleveland VA, I was able to experience a lot of different patients with a variety of conditions, which has helped my overall learning because it gave me some real-world experience with things that I had just been reading about prior to my rotation. I really enjoyed the work environment and all the patients that I was fortunate enough to interact with at the VA.

"Valuable Resources"

I would recommend Mount Union’s PT program because it is a new program that is innovative, we have so many valuable resources at our disposal that enrich our learning experience. The professors here are a great source of knowledge, they have an extensive amount of experience in a variety of healthcare settings.

Future Plans

I am still figuring out the setting I want to be in after I get my license, but I am interested in working with an outpatient orthopedic or veteran population, I am also interested in public health services.


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