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Leah Custer
Leah Custer

Leah Custer ‘19

Nursing Major

Mount Union's nursing program is truly that - exceptional.




Lancaster, Ohio

Mount Vernon to Mount Union

I accidentally walked up to a table at a college fair my junior year of high school because I thought the table was for Mount Vernon. But I still filled out an interest card, turned it in and the rest is history.

Adjusting to College Life

For me, finding CRU was the difference. I have truly found my best friends for life through CRU, and my friendships with those people helped me more than any other thing while adjusting to college. From playing Quiplash late into the night to shopping at Goodwill for oversized sweaters to combat the Ohio winter, we make every little moment into a memory.

Impact of Creative Writing

I was required to take a class in the Fine Arts so I opted for Creative Writing. Although it was a lot of extra work on top of my nursing classes, it made me view the world in a different way. It made me step back and notice details that I never had before – the lone pink flower in the flowerbed, the freshly starched jackets of the choir, the acrid smell of grass in the morning. Translating over to my career, as a nurse it is important to be cognizant of small details, not just what we see plainly before us. We need to actively observe patients to provide them with the best care.

Caring Professors

I have yet to have a professor who does not genuinely care about me as a person. At Mount, students are not just a number. Professors will have you over for dinner or make time to chat between classes. They will even notice when you miss class and check to make sure everything is ok – which could be good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Pharmacology Enthusiast

My favorite class by far has been Pharmacology. I absolutely loved learning how different drugs affect the body in so many different ways. It has been one of my hardest classes at Mount but the knowledge I learned in that class has helped me exponentially during my clinical rotations. It has made me think that I might want to go back to school later in my life and become a CRNA.

Future Missionary

My ultimate goal is to use my nursing degree to do mission work and the rigorous nursing curriculum is preparing me for that. Mount Union’s “exceptional” Nursing program is truly that – exceptional. The professors not only hold us to a high standard, but also provide us with the means to reach those standards. Although I am not done yet, I am confident that at the end of my four years I will have the skills to reach my goal.

Don’t Be “Too Cool”

If I could give advice to incoming freshmen, I would tell them to get involved as early as possible. Even as early as Preview before their first year. Don’t be “too cool” for the Preview and Orientation process. If you embrace them and have fun with your group and guides, the transition to Mount will be so much easier.