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Abrigg '20 Earns Internship with 898 Marketing

February 28, 2020

CANFIELD, Ohio — Mount Union senior, Maddie Abrigg '20, has been selected as one of three new faces to join 898 Marketing’s spring internship class of 2020.

This internship allows Abrigg the opportunity to gain valuable, first-hand experience with a wide variety of clients in an array of industries. The internship aims to expand the marketing experiences and knowledge of interns during their spring internship program.  

Upon graduation, Abrigg is set to receive her Bachelor of Arts Degree in art, focusing on graphic design and studio art. She is also studying photography, web design, animation and illustration. Abrigg is a creative design intern for 898, working directly with the creative design team on a variety of client requests including logos, newsletters, website elements and print ads.  

Abrigg discovered this opportunity through a study change and simple curiosity. After deciding to take up graphic design her junior year and wanting to learn more about it, and fast, she looked at local job listings in the field and an internship surfaced from 898 Marketing. 

“I became very intrigued by the position and later, the company," said Abrigg. "I set a goal for myself that in a year, I wanted to be close to qualified for the position." 

Over the next year, Abrigg took classes at school and online, talked to professionals in the field and did some smaller internships to prepare herself to apply. During this time, she started to familiarize herself with 898 Marketing and their philosophy through social media. She began to realize the type of experience 898 provides their interns and became excited at the potential opportunity to be one.

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After the year passed, she sent in her application describing it as a “leap of fate.” The application itself required her to submit a resume and portfolio. She credited her classes for helping her create them. After that, she was called in for an in-person interview that resulted in her quickly being offered the position.  

“We have worked on developing a culture that not only embraces the opportunity to serve our community and clients but to provide a unique experience for college students to experience what their education and passions can bring them with a career in marketing,” said Jeff Ryznar, president of 898 Marketing. “We’re proud of the fact that our interns have gone on to successfully find a full-time position in the marketing and creative design fields with companies including our own.”

She expressed how 898 Marketing has exceeded her initial expectations so far. 

“I have learned so much about design, marketing and life," she said. "I have learned from other extremely skilled designers but also from other people at 898, in terms of marketing, web design and social media. My time at 898 so far has been nothing short of what I expected it to be, it has beyond exceeded my expectations.” 

Aside from researching and setting a goal, Abrigg offers another piece of advice to students who will be seeking internships in the near future. 

“Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. You may not have every qualification or have all of the skills they are looking for, but if you put yourself out there and show them your drive and determination, that may put you ahead of someone who, while being qualified, doesn't have the drive and passion you do.”

About 898 Marketing

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