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Advice for Incoming Raiders

August 19, 2022

By Fatima Magana '22

ALLIANCE, OH- For those incoming students who are nervous and scared because they have no idea what to expect their first year in college but are also very excited to begin this new chapter of their lives, below you will find advice from current students that will help you throughout your college career and professional life. 


Avery Wengerter ‘24, Louisville, OH| Criminal justice and psychology double major and sociology minor


 I live close enough to campus that I could’ve commuted; however, deciding to live on campus was the best decision I made. When you live on campus, it’s like you experience a different world because you meet so many people. Become involved on campus! That is the best way to make new friends. I am very well known on campus as I am the president of the Honors Program and book club, the treasurer for Kappa Kappa Psi, a band member, and a student ambassador.  

When starting college, I was most worried about handling the difference in workload. Although I found out as soon as I got here that every professor on campus is as dedicated to my success as I am; They are always willing to help you—sit down with you and go over a subject or stay after class a few minutes to discuss something. Like my student ambassador, Erin West. Therefore, reach out for help or support when you need it because there are many people and resources who will help you be successful. 


Shaun Harris ‘25, Newark, NJ | Integrated Media and Japanese double major 


Coming to college, my worries were a lot—starting a college career at the point in my life, being an outsider, being successful, and paying for school as a non-traditional student. However, I reached out to staff like Marci Muckleroy, Christian Lopez, and Ron Holden with all my questions and, they were able to help and guide me in the right direction. I suggest any incoming student not to be afraid of asking questions because someone, somewhere, will have the answers. 

I am quite involved on campus as I am part of the Association of International Students (AIS), Black Student Union (BSU), Raider Student Media (RSM) where I work as a radio host during school breaks, I serve as the student senate representative for both Anime Club and Raider Gaming Club, and I play on Mount Union’s Rocket League Academy eSports team. I advise students to go out there and meet new people; don’t be afraid of making new friends, people are extremely friendly and come from all kinds of walks of life. Lastly, don’t let the worries of paying for college stop you from achieving your goals and dreams! 


Madison Serrano ‘23, Alliance, OH| Political science major, history and legal studies double minor


My biggest piece of advice is to make the most of your college career—go to residence hall events like late-night snack and Welcome Week events because this is where you will meet new people, make new friends, and new memories. The first week of classes as a first-year student can be overwhelming because you don’t have your “crowd,” yet, but you’ll have many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. 

Second, I advise you to try new things even if you think something is not for you. On campus I am part of Delta Sigma Tau where I serve as the vice president for education, a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, political science honorary society, Pre-Law society, and the Mock Trial team. Joining organizations will allow you to form a network for your professional career. Most importantly, go to class and faculty office hours because your professors do want you to succeed. 


Liza Harris ‘24, Beachwood, OH | Biology major, exercise science and Spanish double minor 


I live on campus so what I suggest any residential student do is to leave your door open because people walking by will stop in to say hi and that’s a good way to make friends; that’s how I made friends freshmen year. I also made friends coming to Mount by joining the Class of 2024 Facebook group which was helpful. 

I became involved in the campus community by joining Alpha Mu Gamma, foreign language honor society, Alpha Phi Omega (APO), the Association of International Students (AIS) where I currently serve as the social media chair, and HOLA, the Spanish club. I also hold three on-campus jobs. My advice is to join a few clubs/organizations that you care about because that is a good way to step outside your comfort zone. Once I started becoming involved, I started to really enjoy the college experience.