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The Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology at the University of Mount Union allows students to explore a wide variety of courses ranging from social status to grants and planning. Students can gain real-world experience and knowledge to work toward a career in counseling, social service, law enforcement, or more.

Sociology Major Quick Facts 

The sociology degree requires 44 credits specific to the major, as well as 32 credits to fulfill the University’s general education program. The Integrative Core, the general education program, allows students to explore interests outside of their area of study and gain valuable skills in leadership and communication needed for a rewarding career. 

Experiential learning opportunities will give you many chances to put classroom knowledge to work. These opportunities, which supplement classroom learning, include: 

  • Opportunities for internships at hospitals or police stations
  • Research with peers or faculty

Learning Objectives

After successful completion of the sociology degree program at the University of Mount Union, students will demonstrate: 

  • Understanding of the scientific method and its application through qualitative and quantitative research designs used in sociology.
  • Understanding of both general sociological theory as well as middle range theory unique to the substantive areas within sociology.
  • Competence in communicating mastery of sociological knowledge in both written and oral form.
  • Competence in applying sociological knowledge to real life situations.

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