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Big Dreams, Strong Work Ethic, and an Ambitious Mindset Led Alejandro Elias Espinoza's '24 Career

March 04, 2024

By Fatima Magana '22

ALLIANCE- Civil engineering and music double major, Alejandro Elias Espinoza ‘24 chose to pursue his collegiate studies abroad due to the financial stability he would have. Leaving his native home, Lima, Peru, as well as family and friends, Elias Espinoza knew that hard work was key to succeed and achieve all his goals.

“Choosing Mount Union was easy when I looked at schools because they assured me that I could study both concentrations I wanted,” said Elias Espinoza. “Once an admitted student, faculty facilitated my path to pursuing a career as an engineer and musician.”

Looking back at his journey, Elias Espinoza thanks his parents for the unconditional support they have given him as they have worked hard to achieve their own goals as well, being an inspiration for Elias Espinoza. Along with his sister, his parents are his biggest motivation to continue building his career as an engineer.

Elias Espinoza '24 in Abu Dhabi

“Taking a trip down memory lane, faculty in the School of Engineering like Dr. Hans Tritico, professor of civil engineering and Dr. Loay Al-Zube, associate professor of biomedical engineering have helped me become a better student while enhancing my skillset as an engineer as well as better my overall persona and be a responsible leader,” said Elias Espinoza.

A member of the Association of International Students (AIS), Alliance Chorale, ASCE, H.O.L.A., Jazz Ensemble, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), Elias Espinoza has met new people and befriended many students from all over the world, but most importantly, has learned to step outside of his comfort zone.

While Elias Espinoza's passion is playing the piano, the travel experience to Abu Dhabi he received through the School of Engineering in March 2023 allowed him to view himself as a professional in the field. Elias Espinoza not only expanded his worldview, exploring Abu Dhabi taking in the cultural richness it has to offer, but strengthened his relationship with classmates and his professors.

Elias Espinoza '24 (far left) with other Mount Union students

"Collaborating with students from a different cultural background provided insights into alternative problem-solving approaches and expanded our adaptability," said Elias Espinoza. "[The] professional growth, coupled with the global perspective [I] gained, enhanced my readiness for future engineering endeavors."

Acknowledging that he would like to utilize both his engineering and music degrees upon graduating to fulfill his dreams, Elias Espinoza would tell the child version of himself not to give up because great things await for him. Grateful for the experiences he has received at Mount Union, Elias Espinoza is excited to see what his post-graduate journey has in store for him.

"In retrospect, the journey to Abu Dhabi for the antiflood system project was not merely an engineering endeavor rather a transformative odyssey," said Elias Espinoza.

Elias Espinoza '24 soaking in every moment in Abu Dhabi

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