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Freeze With Ease — Campus Winter Tips

February 07, 2020

By: Madison Zaleski '21

Some love it, some hate it… ​it​ is winter.

“Winter can be pretty cold and gross at times,” said Rachel Reese ‘21, an early childhood education major of Green, Ohio. “But I actually really like winters at Mount.”

As the frigid flakes inevitably continue to cover Mount Union’s campus it becomes even more beautiful than it was before. The ponds, the trees and the tops of buildings covered in a soft white fluff create a stunning image. If only our eyes were free from wind-induced tears long enough to appreciate it.

"Winters at Mount are like a box of chocolates,” said Joe Raffin ‘20, a nursing major of Broadview Heights, Ohio. “You never really know what you’re going to get.”

For alumni, I hope you’re reading this under a blanket with a cocoa in your hand reminiscing on your snowy walks to class. For current students and the staff that brace the roads every morning to reach the warmth of Chapman Hall, I present to you, Freeze With Ease - Campus Winter Tips.

Invest in earplugs
Let’s do the math. The earliest class is at 7:30 a.m., students are out and about as early as 7 a.m. most days. If it snows, those brave men and women on snow plows are going to be outside of your window by 6:30 a.m. Save sleep, buy the plugs. 

Cope/Giese is your friend
If you live in the new townhouses or apartments the music building is crucial. On days when you roll out of bed and already can’t feel your fingers, do not fret. Rest in the fact that you’ll have 45 seconds of re-warmth as you cut through Cope on your way to class.

I said the ponds were pretty, that was all
Those suckers are cold. It’s science: water plus cold air equals pain. Don’t walk over the bridge unless you intend to be frozen there until May. Remember, you only get three absences.

Dude, where’s my car?
When it snows 10 feet overnight and you’ve got somewhere to be in the morning, give yourself a few extra minutes to warm your car up and shovel your windshield clear.

Dude, where’s your pants?
Unless you’re coming out of a practice in the MAAC and need to ​sprint​ to get a bite to eat, I’m not sure what to say except, have you heard of frostbite?

Quad trudging
Ah, wet socks and squeaky sneakers. Enough said? Stick to the cleared off sidewalks.

Stilettos? I guess I never got the memo
Girl, they look good. However, high heels and ice don’t mix well. Consider wearing close-toed shoes with firm bottoms. Miley would support it.

Sanitize and repeat
For whatever reason, cold weather means everybody and their brother gets sick. Don’t be everybody and their brother. Keep your hands clean. Because…

“Warmth, sun, and Vitamin D all sound a lot better than cold, snow, and mono,” said Ian Ohlinger ‘20, a marketing major of Canton, Ohio.

All joking aside, students and those visiting campus during wintry weather can review the University's Inclement Weather Policy and stay safe this winter.