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Mount Union Recognizes Faculty and Staff at its Annual Employee Recognition Award Ceremony

May 09, 2023

ALLIANCE- The University of Mount Union presented its annual faculty and staff awards along with recognizing members of the campus community for their years of service to the institution, during the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony.

Four awards were presented during the event. The Outstanding Adjunct Award recipient was Melissa Ruggles, adjunct professor in the Department of Education. The Distinguished Teaching Award recipient was Dr. Colin Campbell, associate professor of physics and astronomy. The Distinguished Scholarship Award recipient was Dr. Debra Boyd-Kimble, professor of chemistry and biochemistry. The Distinguished Service Award, last award of the four presented at the ceremony, was awarded to Dr. Ron Mendel, professor of exercise science.

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Three awards presented to staff members at the ceremony were given to those staff members who contribute immensely to the campus. The Outstanding Staff Award was presented to Angie Lang, senior administrative assistant to the founding dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, and Tari Brightman, housekeeper. The Davidson Staff Award was presented to Dawn Adams, assistant dean of students and director of International Student Services.

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The following individuals were also recognized for their respective years of service to Mount Union:

5 Years

  • Loay Al-Zube, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Jennifer Chadwell, Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid
  • Anne Christo-Baker, Director of the School of Business and Professor of Business Administration
  • Laura Dwyer, General Chemistry, Laboratory Coordinator
  • Ryan Dwyer, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Rachelle Gerback, Housekeeper
  • Douglas Henry, Director of the Math Learning Center
  • Jennifer Hollinger, Assistant Professor, Education
  • Kendra Mazzei, Assistant in the Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Kelly McGee, Housekeeper
  • Abigail Noland, Systems and Electronic Resources, Librarian
  • Francine Packard, Director of Counseling Services
  • Ryan Patterson, Assistant Professor, Theatre
  • Sarah Powers, Assistant Director of Academic Marketing
  • Krista Preusser, Housekeeper
  • Caitie Scott, Director of The Mount Union Fund
  • Kelby Smith, Enrollment Marketing Manager
  • Andrea Stubblefield, Housekeeper
  • Reagan Stull, Associate Director of Student Financial Aid
  • Eric Ulrich, General Maintenance
  • Rebecca Walker, Data Specialist

10 Years

  • Shawn Bagley, Director of Budgeting and Financial Analysis
  • Dominic Golembiewski, Assistant Vice President for Marketing
  • Jamie Gurney, Housekeeper
  • Dianne Hoover, Housekeeper
  • Lidia Ibarra, Housekeeper
  • Deok-Im Jean, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Chad Korach, Associate Professor and Director of the School of Engineering
  • Christopher Marks, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Keith Miller, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Michael Perkins, Security Officer
  • Grant Porter, Groundskeeper
  • Carolyn Reid, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Russell Tietz, Associate Professor, Business
  • Erin West, Coordinator of the Welcome Center
  • Andrea Williams, Assistant Clinical and Academic Coordinator, Physical Therapy
  • Adam Zorn, Program Manager

15 Years

  • Debbie Foster, Cashier
  • Katherine Spillios, Professor, Exercise Science

20 Years

  • Dawn Adams, Assistant Dean and Director of International Student Services
  • Rodney Dick, Professor, English
  • Traci Finnegin, Education Coordinator
  • Laura Good, Director of HRIS, Compensation and Benefits
  • Michael Grossman, Professor of Political Science and Co-Chair of the Department of Social Sciences
  • Curtis Lillie, Plumber
  • Jeremy Secrest, Security Officer
  • Bonita Twaddle, Community Outreach Coordinator

25 Years

  • Melissa Gardner, Vice President for Marketing
  • Scott Gravlee, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Patrick Heddleston, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark McNaught, Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Laura Nutter, Housekeeper
  • Regina Shellenberger, Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Frank Tascone, Assistant Professor, English

30 Years

  • Andrew Boothe, Associate Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator
  • Tammy Daily, Lewis Miller Professor in Psychology
  • Michael Olin-Hitt, Professor, English

40 Years

  • Michael Myler, Professor, Economics