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Recognizing Student Employees and On-Campus Jobs

April 13, 2023

By Fatima Magana '22

ALLIANCE, OH- Learning to become independent is difficult but can be fun. Discovering new methods of doing things and setting your own schedule without your parents telling you repeatedly to get a task done is a rewarding feeling.

Part of that independence implies that as a student you will need money for activities with friends or groceries. Your parents might pay your tuition and housing, but it feels nice having money that you earned yourself. One of the best ways to do so is through one of the many jobs on campus.

At the University of Mount Union students have the freedom of exploring campus offices that offer student employment throughout their entire college career.

With April 15th concluding National Student Employee Week (NSEW), students at Mount Union discuss how they found their on-campus job while offering advice to incoming students on how to make connections and look for their first job on campus.

Junior chemistry major, Katlyn Zurbrugg holds two jobs at Mount Union, a chemistry tutor and a library circulation desk helper. Zurbrugg, who applied for an on-campus job her freshmen year, received guidance from Dr. David Thiele, professor of English who directed her to the library.

“The library was hiring, and I received an email from Dr. Thiele advertising the job,” said Zurbrugg. “He pushed those of us who wanted a job to apply at the library, so I did.”

Zurbrugg added that she has attained meaningful skills like interpersonal communication skills from working at both the library and the chemistry program. Wanting to pursue a career in healthcare, she recognizes that good communication skills are vital. Therefore, Zurbrugg is grateful for the jobs that she carries out on campus.

“I think the library will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first job I got on campus, and I’ve worked there ever since,” said Zurbrugg.

Senior Molly Hudson is preparing herself to have her own classroom with the skills that her on-campus jobs have given her throughout the years. A middle childhood education major, Hudson holds three on-campus jobs where she has made meaningful connections.

“I work at the information desk in HPCC, as a student ambassador giving tours, and I am a Raider Guide,” said Hudson. “My very first job was at the information desk thanks to Michelle Gaffney who has guided me since day one on the job.”

Hudson explained that as a freshman she had difficulty finding and applying for a job until she asked Student Accounts in Beeghly Hall if they knew of an office needing student workers which led her to meet Michelle Gaffney in Student Affairs.

Hudson advised to any students looking for a job to become involved on campus as that will help students build a network in college alongside using University resources like Handshake.

“I changed my major from nursing to education because I realized that the help I wanted to give to kids was in a different setting,” Hudson said. “Not only have my classes prepared me, but my many jobs have given me valuable skills that I will implement in my classroom.”

Sophomore music education major, Matthew Eversdyke has stepped outside of his comfort zone and excelled in his academic and professional life thanks to the interpersonal communication skills that he has attained from being a student ambassador and a Preview Guide.

Eversdyke explained that he found his first job on campus as a student ambassador thanks to his cousin, Allie Cox ’23 who was also a student ambassador. She connected him to the staff while he was still searching for jobs.

“I have two jobs which means that I have multiple bosses. Erin West, campus visit coordinator, is the best boss because she understands the people she works with and the student employees, along with always having a positive attitude,” said Eversdyke.

Eversdyke stated that he has also gained leadership skills from his on-campus jobs which will help him in his future career as a teacher because he will serve as a mentor to his students.

“To anyone looking at jobs on campus, I’d say to be open and willing to try anything and learn to interact with everyone,” said Eversdyke. “You don’t know what new interests you’ll find.”

Psychology major and coaching minor, Aiden Cange ’25 works at the B&B Café located in HPCC. Cange has learned various skills and carries many responsibilities in his job role as he handles the register, sometimes cooks, washes dishes, and sometimes buses tables.

“I like working at the B&B because you’re not always working on one task which helps build your skillset,” said Cange. “I also like that everyone at the café works collaboratively to get tasks done.”

Cange found his job because his football coach advised him to apply and work for AVI. He explained that working at the B&B not only has he learned skills that a classroom cannot teach, but his job has given him an environment where he is comfortable with kind and understanding bosses.

Cange expressed that for those students looking for their first on-campus job, he advises them to use their resources such as talking to their professors and being open to trying new things because that will open new doors and help build connections in college.

Not only do students gain worthwhile experience through on-campus jobs but their effort and passion are valued by the entire Mount Union community. For those looking for an on-campus job, take the advice of these students to step outside your comfort zone and talk to the advisors, professors and staff offering their guidance to help you make a little extra money and learn impactful skills along the way.

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