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Shakespeare at the Castle

Dear Friends,

In the ever-changing reality of this pandemic, Shakespeare At The Castle remains mindful of our responsibilities to our city and university.  Thus, with a heavy-heart, we have decided - like so many other theatres around the country - to cancel our summer season. 

To our donors, we offer our hearty thanks, and assure them that we will forever be good stewards of their donations.  To our actors, designers, and technicians, we offer our condolences and assure them that when it is safe to reopen, they will have an artistic home with us.  To our patrons who have made us an Alliance tradition, we don’t say “good bye”, but simply “see you soon”.  Hearing your applause is a medicine that no Chemist could create.   

“Parting”, Juliet assured Romeo, “is such sweet sorrow.”  We will miss seeing the families sitting together listening to the old stories on the grounds of the iconic castle.  But we would gladly postpone this summer's productions if it means being able to spend 6 more years with you.

We have more stories to tell...

Kevin P. Kern
Artistic Director; Shakespeare At The Castle

If you have a business, would you consider sponsoring an evening? Your name will be on display for patrons from Youngstown to Cleveland to see, and you’ll receive credit for bringing over 1000 people to the heart of Alliance – the Glamorgan Castle.

Contact us at (330) 823-3875 to discuss your sponsorship.