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Shakespeare at the Castle

To thee and thy company, I bid a hearty welcome
                                                              The Tempest
                                                              by William Shakespeare

In 2020 we made a promise - we weren’t saying “goodbye”, just “see you soon”.  It has been a difficult year for our town; we have lost lives, loved ones, and precious time.  And while nothing can make up for what we’ve missed, we are proud to be back on the grounds of the castle, telling the old stories.  
The old stories have never been more important than they are right now and just because we know the ending doesn’t mean they aren’t still powerful.  They remind us of our strength, our bravery, and our need for connection.  They make us laugh with recognition and cry with empathy.  They warn us of dangerous thinking and they challenge us to move forward.
We started Shakespeare At The Castle in 2014 with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and we couldn’t think of a better show to offer this summer 2021.  It feels as though we’ve all been reborn, and are seeing the world through new eyes, so starting afresh with an old favorite made perfect sense to us.  “Never anything can be amiss”, says Theseus in Act 5, “when simpleness and duty tender it”.  
We hope you can join us safely on the grounds of the iconic Glamorgan Castle amidst friends and family - back where we belong.

Kevin P. Kern

Artistic Director; Shakespeare At The Castle

If you have a business, would you consider sponsoring an evening? Your name will be on display for patrons from Youngstown to Cleveland to see, and you’ll receive credit for bringing over 1000 people to the heart of Alliance – the Glamorgan Castle.

Contact us at (330) 823-3875 to discuss your sponsorship.