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Raider Foundations Portfolio

Raider Foundations Portfolio

The Integrative Core (IC) is designed to help students develop skills in written and oral communication throughout their academic careers at Mount Union. Each part of the IC contains a written and oral communication component, with more sophisticated and challenging requirements as students progress through the IC. In order to make sure that the development of communication skills is on the right track, successful completion of the IC requires successful completion of a Second Year Raider Foundations Portfolio (RFP). Students will upload samples of written work and videos of oral communication assignments to an electronic portfolio. A team of faculty members will evaluate the portfolios to ensure that each student has met the high standards needed for communication needs during the junior and senior years. A student must be able to perform at a level commensurate with end-of-second-year students. Students are expected to submit a Second Year RFP Portfolio by the end of their 4th semester. The portfolio must be completed successfully prior to enrollment in the IC Capstone. 

Portfolio Contents

Students will select materials from the many assignments completed in Integrative Core courses from the First Year Seminar through all four Foundations (A, H, N and S). Materials from other courses are not typically permitted. Required contents: 

  • Two pieces of written communication (at least one that effectively integrates and cites sources) that reflect the elements listed in the rubrics.
  • Two pieces of videotaped oral communication (at least one that effectively integrates and cites sources) that reflect the elements listed in the rubrics (multimedia use is optional).

In addition, students will submit three other documents to complete the portfolio: 

  • Students will write and submit a cover letter that explains the context in which the submitted pieces were produced. The cover letter should guide faculty scorers to see how the portfolio as a whole showcases the student’s best efforts to date. 
  • Students will sign and submit a Statement of Authenticity, testifying that all submitted pieces are of the student’s own creation. 
  • Students will sign and submit an Informed Consent Form, which gives students the opportunity to give the University permission to use selected materials for assessment, research, and scholarly purposes pertaining to RFP in the Integrative Core.

No more than two pieces in the portfolio may come from the same class or Foundation area. Students typically will be expected to submit work from at least three different types of classes. Students may revise work from their IC classes before submitting it to the Second Year RFP. Students will select pieces on their own, write the cover letter, and submit the portfolio; this is not a requirement attached to any course. The Second Year RFP is due by 4 p.m. on the last day of finals each semester. No late portfolios will be accepted. 


For all information on the RFP including the requirements and instructions for building and submitting the portfolio, log onto D2L, go to My Courses => Ongoing => Raider
Foundations Portfolio Resources.

For any questions regarding the RFP Portfolio, email or visit the Integrative Core office in KHIC 233.