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Message from the Physical Therapy Director

Welcome to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of Mount Union!
As the first professional doctorate offered in the history of Mount Union, we take great pride in the steps we have taken to become the professional program of strong repute we are shaping into today. It is our perpetual commitment to grow ever more exceptional, successful, and life changing.

Our program’s students and graduates are well respected for their creativity, competency, forward thinking, committed energy, patient skills, and firmly grounded patient-oriented approach to PT, something they build upon during classes, clinicals, and long after graduation. We are thrilled to observe that our students are competitively invested in seeking specialty residencies, fellowships, certifications, leadership positions, education, and service-oriented commitments to those in need.

As our program enters its seventh year, we take great pride in all the exceptional members of our faculty and staff, each of whom demonstrate to our students their clear commitment to excellence, warmth, and welcome. We understand the challenges that accompany the quest of being among the best in our field. It is in defining and meeting that challenge that brought us here and keeps us here.

Mount Union’s DPT program has a commitment to providing individual attention and ready mentorship when it is essential. We believe that this can foster mutually desired learning outcomes. As we get to know our students, we take delight in their steady transformation and integration of diverse personal traits and universal physical therapy skill sets. Through expertly taught content and progressive clinical experiences, we work tirelessly to create pathways on which each student can pursue and achieve the ideals of our profession.

We invite all interested students and families to come to campus, meet us personally, and tour our beautiful campus and facilities. Here you will find that learning is normative, pushing the envelope is modeled, and mutual acquisition of knowledge and skill is always in process. If you have a desire to be part of this sort of DPT program, we have laid the groundwork, potentiated the paths, and we are ready for you!


Sheryl L. Holt, PT, Ph.D.

Director, Physical Therapy
University of Mount Union

(330) 829-4158