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Great Teacher Award

The Great Teacher Award was established in 1962 by the Mount Union Alumni Association. Graduates (both undergraduate and graduate) are encouraged to keep this tradition alive by selecting a Great Teacher Award recipient which recognizes the faculty member they deem most outstanding. The award is announced during Honor's Convocation in the spring.

To be eligible for the Great Teacher Award, a faculty member must have the rank of instructor or above, must have taught at least one course during the academic year and must not have been picked the Great Teacher within the past five years.

According to the award criteria, "excellence implies the ability of the professor to stimulate a student into a greater knowledge and understanding of the subject matter."


Eligible Teachers

To be eligible for the Great Teacher Award, a faculty member must have the rank of instructor or above, must have taught at least one course during the academic year and must not have been picked the Great Teacher within the past five years.

First Name Last Name Department
Ryan Adler Physician Assistant
Betty Allen Nursing
Loay Al-Zube Engineering
Jinwoo An Engineering
Elaine Anderson Music
Monica Andreski Nursing
Shehla Arif Engineering
Melissa Askren Edgehouse Education / MEd
Elizabeth Bandy Communication
Tomas Barrett Ex.Science, Sport & Nutrition Sciences
Jessica Beitler Nursing
Patricia Boehm Music
Debra Boyd-Kimball Chemistry & Biochemistry
Lori Braa Business
Jeremy Brueck Education
Sherri Brugh Mathematics
Linda Burkey Education
Jeffrey Buth Chemistry & Biochemistry
Colin Campbell Physics & Astronomy
Beth Canfield-Simbro Education
Jamie Capuzza Communication
Mark Carroll Physical Therapy
Steven Cederbloom Physics & Astronomy
E. Anne Christo-Baker Business
Blase Cindric Computer Science
Katherine Clark Ex.Science, Sport & Nutrition Sciences
Chanda Coblentz Education
Michelle Collins-Sibley English
Perri Concialdi Nursing
Ryan Cook Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Dev
Adelina Cooper Communication
Andrea Corbisello Nursing
Danielle Cordaro English
Gregg Courtad World Languages and Cultures
Sara Crawford Mathematics
Rachel Cummings Ex.Science, Sport & Nutrition Sciences
Tamara Daily Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Dev
Theresa Davis History
Rodney Dick English
Lee Dionne Political Science International Studies
Dana Domer Physician Assistant
Sara Dorris Nursing
Lynn Dudash Engineering
Ryan Dwyer Chemistry & Biochemistry
Betsy Ekey Physician Assistant
Robert Ekey Physics & Astronomy
Joel Evans Business
Andrea Ferraro Communication
Arron Foster Art / IC
Joshua Gargac Engineering
Scott Gravlee Philosophy/Religious Studies
Michael Gresock Biology
Michael Grossman Political Science International Studies
Susan Haddox Philosophy/Religious Studies
Jennifer Hall World Languages and Cultures
Xiaoshu Han Business
Mary Beth Henning Education
Mark Himmelein World Languages and Cultures
Jennifer Hollinger Education / MEd
Sheryl Holt Physical Therapy
Vahraz Honary Engineering
Aaron Howell Sociology & Criminal Justice
Sarah Huibregtse Computer Science
Amber Hunt Business
Andrew Hutsky Earth and Environmental Sciences
Adrian Jaesim Engineering
Deok-im Jean Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nicole Johnson Philosophy/Religious Studies
Kevin Kern Theatre
Tim Koba Business
Chad Korach Engineering
Laura Kumler Political Science International Studies
Roger Kunes Physician Assistant
Bertrand Landry World Languages and Cultures
Phillip LaScola Biology
Maira Liliestedt Music
Lonnie Lowery Ex.Science, Sport & Nutrition Sciences
Holly Lucas Business
Ivory Lyons Philosophy/Religious Studies
Christopher Marks Biology
Scott Mason Chemistry & Biochemistry
Sheryl Mason Chemistry & Biochemistry
Spiro Mavroidis Biology
Mark McConnell Business
Amy McElhinney Biology
Mark McNaught Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ronald Mendel Ex.Science, Sport & Nutrition Sciences
Heather Mercer Biology
Kevin Meyer Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Dev
Timothy Meyers Nursing
Margo Miller Art
Keith Miller Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jerome Miskell Music
Maureen Morton Mathematics
Paul Muller Sociology & Criminal Justice
Melissa Muller Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Dev
Michael Myler Business
Elizabeth Narducci Physical Therapy
Noriko Okura World Languages and Cultures
Michael Olin Hitt English
Zhongkun "Frankie" Ouyang Engineering
Lisa Parnell Art
Ryan Patterson Theatre
Bruce Pietz Education
Ruth Pogacnik Business
Ernest Pratt Education
Andrew Price English
John Recchiuti History
Carolyn Reid Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kim Risley Biology
Katherine Ritchey Mathematics
Linda Ruse Business
Sarah Russell Theatre
Megan Salvatore Physical Therapy
Kelsey Scanlon Ex.Science, Sport & Nutrition Sciences
Francis Schortgen Political Science International Studies
Gwen Schwartz English
William Schweizer Business
Kelly Schwendiman Nursing
Jennifer Sensor Physical Therapy
Robert Stanton Biology
Kelly Stout Sociology & Criminal Justice
Frank Tascone English
Richelle Teeling-Smith Physics & Astronomy
David Thiele English
Paul Tidman Philosophy/Religious Studies
Russell Tietz Business
Sarah Torok-Gerard Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Dev
Karen Towne Nursing
Anne Triplett Mathematics
Hans Tritico Engineering
Kristine Turko Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Dev
Okechukwu Ugweje Engineering
Amanda Waltz Physical Therapy
Xi Wang Engineering
Robert Woodward, Jr. Chemistry & Biochemistry
Vanessa Worley Physician Assistant
Lin Wu Biology
Gerald Wuchter Mathematics