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Mount Union Students Present at The PME Regional Math Conference

March 14, 2024

YOUNGSTOWN — On Saturday, February 24, six University of Mount Union students attended the PME Regional Math Conference at Youngstown State University; the annual math conference held by the Ohio Xi Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon at Youngstown State.

According to the Mathematical Association of America’s website, YSU’s philosophy is to hold a conference that is entirely run by and for students. Faculty and well-known mathematicians are not invited to give presentations, so students have the opportunity to hold presentations and organize a conference in a way that they find the most interesting.

Out of the Mount Union students who attended, Jacek Strotz and Zach Perrico presented group research on an extension of a mathematical concept called a Turing Machine.

students at math conference

Of the presentation, Strotz said, “A typical Turing Machine operates in a one-dimensional space, but we modified our definition to allow it to operate in infinite dimensions. We created our own programming language (that we call TuringMachine++), as well as a work-in-progress website ( that hosts, executes, and then displays the results of such code.”

Strotz said that the conference gave the students an opportunity to receive instant feedback about their project, and — although the conference is math-based — they were able to incorporate computer science as well, leading to a meaningful learning experience.

“The conference was overall a great experience. There were several other presenters that we were able to listen to as well, each with incredibly unique and equally fascinating projects,” said Strotz.

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