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Leadership Programming

Leadership programming efforts, coordinated through the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, provide several opportunities for students to discover, develop, and engage in the campus community and beyond, focusing on leadership skills, techniques, and opportunities that aid in their ability to be responsible citizens.   

Programs, Workshops, and Institutes 

  1. Emerging Leaders

    Emerging Leaders is a seven-week learning experience designed for first-year students interested in learning more about leadership and connecting with other Mount Union students.

  2. Greek Leadership Institute

    Greek Leadership Institute is a weekend retreat for first-year members of fraternities and sororities, with a heavy focus on personal leadership skill development in a fraternity/sorority context. The focus on personal strengths, self-development, dealing with conflict and difficult situations, and addressing/combating stereotypes.    

  3. Greek Member Academy

    Greek Member Academy is two-day overnight retreat educating new members in fraternity and sorority life from an “all-Greek” point of view. Greek Member Academy allows participants to take beginning steps to discover who is the fraternity/sorority is as a community, develop fraternal bonds, and create opportunities to positively make an impact on the University of Mount Union. Everyone is an active participant in a variety of activities and exercises, and through participation together allows everyone to be a teacher and a learner at differing points of our time together.  

  4. Leadership Workshops

    The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership staff created and implemented specifically designed leadership training for officers of organizations, and student staff members. These workshops provide opportunities for officers to receive valuable hands-on instruction that will aid in improving and strengthening their own leadership style to more effectively lead the organization.  This also includes retreats developed for executive board officers. Contact to set up a session for your organization.  

Leadership Opportunities

  1. Student Organizations

    There is a myriad of student organizations and student-run philanthropy opportunities that students have the chance to pursue executive leadership positions within on campus. In addition to the established student-run philanthropic programs, many students in many student organizations organize and execute philanthropic fundraising and donation work.   

  2. On-Campus Employment

    Many on-campus employment opportunities exist that enable a student to hold a position that develops or fine-tunes leadership opportunities. (e.g., student staff positions, coordinator positions, EXS student trainers, etc.

  3. University Committee Work

    Students who serve on University-wide and Faculty Committees have unique opportunities to serve as advocates for their peers in decisions made at the institution.   

  4. Students Attending Conferences

    Students who are involved on campus can attend off-site conferences, which offer a focus on or programming within leadership development.  For example, the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) regional and national meetings, the Interfraternity Institute, the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, individual fraternity/sorority conferences, and Alpha Phi Omega regional and national conferences. 

  5. Minor in Leadership Studies

    In the leadership studies minor, you will be immersed in the practical application of leadership styles and techniques while also building skills in problem-solving and decision making. Through your exploration of theory, group dynamics, ethics and cultural awareness, you’ll develop a foundation for enhanced success upon graduation. You will also get the chance to be a leader through projects both on and off campus to help those at Mount Union and in the surrounding communities. For more information, visit Leadership Studies, and contact the School of Business for more information on minoring in leadership studies while at the University.