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Mount Union Nursing Program Adds Pediatric Simulator to Aid in Student Learning

November 05, 2020

ALLIANCE, Ohio — In order to continue to enhance the student experience, the University of Mount Union’s Department of Nursing recently added a SimBaby simulator to its cutting-edge facilities.

The SimBaby simulator represents a 9-month-old pediatric patient, and simulations help students meet course learning objectives focusing on initial assessment and treatment in a safe environment. SimBaby is a tetherless simulator designed to help students effectively recognize and respond to ill pediatric patients, allowing students to experience the type of high-fidelity pediatric simulation that is expected in a hospital setting. 

“SimBaby has features that are specific to pediatric patients including fontanelles and realistic skin that allows students to assess vascular perfusion,” said Andrea Corbisello, clinical assistant professor and director of laboratory and clinical experiences in Mount Union’s Department of Nursing. “The simulator allows us to demonstrate specific conditions relevant to the critically ill pediatric patient and having access to this technology will help our nursing students during their pediatric rotation and with the role adjustment to graduate nurse.” 

One of few institutions in Northeast Ohio to have a SimBaby available to its students, Mount Union’s is the same simulator used at Akron Children’s Hospital, where several Mount Union nursing alumni are currently employed.

The SimBaby also joins the numerous Nurse Anne simulators, a birthing simulator and a wireless simulator to mimic an array of typical patient functionality. All of these simulators are part of a single programming platform, LLEAP.

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