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Purple Plu$ Card

About Your Purple Plu$ Card


All funds deposited to declining balance accounts must remain on your account until graduation, withdrawal or separation from Mount Union. 

Lost Card Notification

If your Purple Plu$ Card is lost or stolen, log into the GET app, go to settings, and tap to report your campus card as lost.  This will immediately de-activate your card. You should also contact the Office of Residence Life during normal office hours to confirm the card loss and to obtain your new card.

Lost Card Replacement

You will be charged a $25 fee for each replacement card. The fee can be paid by cash, check, or purple plu$ funds. Dining dollars are not a valid method of payment for card replacement.

Protect your Card

Please treat your Purple Plu$ Card as you would a credit or ATM card. Magnetic fields will destroy the information encoded on the Card; bending, scratching, or punching holes in the Card may also render it unreadable, so keep it in a safe place at all times.

Meal Plans

Your Purple Plu$ Card must be presented for entry into the Mount Union dining hall. Make sure to view your meal plan options here.

Card Presentation

Keep your card with you at all times. You may need to present it as proof of your status as a Mount Union student. This includes, for example, when checking out books at the library or when gaining access to certain co-curricular events.