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Commuters and Residents | Responsible Reopening

Commuter and Resident Reopening Information

The University of Mount Union intends to have its residence halls, apartments, townhouses, and fraternity and sorority houses open for students this fall semester. Reopening will be done with great care, concern, and in accordance with necessary safety protocols, to do our best to ensure the health and well-being of our community members. Below are some important pieces of information for those planning to live on campus and for those who are commuting to campus from home.

Additional Responsibilities and Expectations for Residential Students

In addition to the housing contract and addendum, students living in campus housing will be held accountable for the following: 

  • Students understand the University may restrict the full use of spaces and amenities within the residential community including, but not limited to: 
    • No visitors, including overnight guests, are permitted 
    • Access to residential spaces is restricted to residents of that building and University staff 
    • Residents may only enter the residential building to which they are assigned, with the exception of any students who have class in Bica-Ross. 
    • Residents may only have one other building resident as a guest in their assigned room. 
    • Maximum occupancy of common spaces (lobbies, restrooms, laundry rooms, elevator) will be posted and must be adhered to. 
  • Students agree that building and/or room assignments may be changed prior to arrival or at any time during the term of the agreement should the University deem it necessary. 
  • Students agree that student-initiated room change requests may be limited. 
  • Students are responsible for following appropriate cleaning protocols established for their building. It is the student’s responsibility to keep personal living spaces in a sanitary condition and to adhere to sanitation standards in shared spaces. Mount Union retains the right to conduct health and safety inspections of the living space should we consider there to be an immediate risk. The University will provide sanitizing materials for students who would like to clean and disinfect their room or any part of the restroom throughout the day. If you choose to purchase your own, we recommend the items included on the Environmental Protection Agency's Disinfectants for Use for COVID-19.

Commuter Distance

To better meet the needs of area students who prefer to reside at home and commute to the University, Mount Union is changing its commuter distance policy for the 2020-2021 academic year. For the coming academic year, students may commute from their permanent home address, if it is within 60 miles of the University of Mount Union. Please be aware that the University of Mount Union still has a two-year residency requirement, and this does not grant first or second year students the opportunity to move off campus, rather it only extends the distance from the University in which students may choose to commute.  

If a student has reserved a space on campus to live, but has since decided to commute from their permanent home address instead, please email the Office of Residence Life, to cancel room reservations. 


Office of Residence Life 

(330) 823-7288 |