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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The health, safety, and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority at Mount Union. When making decisions regarding public health issues such as COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019), the University will always work cooperatively with and follow the guidelines and recommendations of leading health organizations, including the National Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, the Ohio Department of Health, the Stark County Health Department, and the Alliance City Health Department. 

The University of Mount Union will report positive cases of COVID-19 via this web page. Updates will be made as new cases are reported and/or active cases recover and may occur daily.

  • Spring 2023


    Current Number of Confirmed Active Cases on Campus beginning January 2023

  • Spring 2023


    Current Number of Recovered Cases on Campus beginning
    January 2023

  • Spring 2023


    Total Number of Active/Recovered Cases on Campus beginning January 2023

The total number of cases from August 2021 through December 2021 is 161.

The total number of cases from June 2020 through July 2021 is 376.

The total number of cases from January 2022 through July 2022 is 206.

The total number of cases from August 2022 through December 2022 is 139.

Individuals represented in the active cases number are working with their respective city/county health departments. These individuals are receiving appropriate care and are in isolation. 

For details regarding Stark County COVID-19 data, visit the Alliance City Health Department website, Alliance City Health Department Facebook page, or Alliance City Health Department Twitter page.


  1. Face Coverings

    Mount Union has a mask-optional policy for the campus. There may be some courses that still require face coverings. Prior to the start of the semester, students in these courses received notice via an email from the Office of the University Registrar. Face coverings are also still required for:

    • Everyone in the Student Health Center.
    • Five days after release from isolation.
    • Anyone considered a close contact of an individual that has been identified as COVID positive will need to mask for ten days regardless of vaccine status.

    Students should have a face covering available should extra protection be needed or if they are not feeling well. Always be respectful of those who choose to wear face coverings or request that you do so when in close contact.

  2. Vaccination

    Although the COVID-19 vaccine is not required at Mount Union, we strongly encourage members of the campus community to get vaccinated and receive all recommended boosters to protect themselves and others. The COVID-19 vaccine is the single most effective way to protect our community.

    If you have not yet received your vaccination or booster, here are some providers within the Alliance community.

  3. Testing

    Testing will continue to be available through the Student Health Center for symptomatic students. Faculty and staff should contact their primary healthcare provider regarding testing upon becoming symptomatic or exposed to the virus.

    Home tests are available in the Student Health Center, Hoover-Price Campus Center at the Information Desk, or the Office of Human Resources in Beeghly Hall.

    Faculty, staff, and students should seek testing within 24 hours of becoming symptomatic, preferably within the same day of developing symptoms.

  4. Quarantine and Isolation

    If a campus community member is identified as a close contact, they will be required to mask for 10 days and monitor and report any symptoms. If any symptoms begin to develop, they will need to get tested and quarantine until results become available and indicate a negative test. Students can either quarantine at home or on campus/in Alliance. Faculty and staff members needing to quarantine should do so at home while avoiding close contact with other individuals until released.

    When a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, they can either go home to recover or, depending upon their current housing situation on campus, they may be isolated in a room at a nearby hotel. Once there, students will be required to stay in their rooms and should only leave their rooms for healthcare appointments.

    When diagnosed with COVID-19, the University’s health services coordinator (or health department of jurisdiction) will follow up with those who have tested positive. Initially, the coordinator will also conduct a thorough contact tracing interview to ascertain who else might be considered a close contact. Any impacted community member will be notified.

    It is critical that symptomatic individuals not physically attend class or work or participate in other campus community activities. Students in quarantine/isolation should work with the Office of Student Accessibility Services regarding accommodations required for the continuation of their coursework. Faculty and staff members in quarantine/isolation should work with their supervisors or the Office of Human Resources to determine if remote work is an option. In order to return to work, classes, and/or campus activities, individuals who have been in isolation/quarantine must be released by the University's health services coordinator.

  5. Reporting and Communication

    Given the risk to the learning community, students, faculty, and staff are required to report positive COVID-19 diagnoses to the health services coordinator at Mount Union immediately upon notification. The health services coordinator can be reached at (330) 596-7995, (330) 581-1933, or Failure to do so may result in referral to the Office of Student Conduct or corrective action via the Office of Human Resources.

    Faculty and staff who are notified of a positive student case as a first point of contact ARE REQUIRED to call the Mount Union administrators responsible for managing our COVID-19 response and share the name of the student under revised FERPA and HIPPA guidelines. You may call any of the following:

    • John Frazier, vice president for student affairs, (330) 823-2243
    • Beth Wayt, health services coordinator, (330) 596-7995 or (330) 581-1933
    • Sara Sherer, director of residence life, (330) 829-2761
  6. Wellness Resources

    Support for students needing assistance with stress or anxiety is available via:

    For faculty and staff, the University has partnered with 
    Impact Solutions, an employee assistance and work/life program.

  7. Infectious Disease Response Team

    The charge of the Infectious Disease Response Team is to mitigate pandemic or infectious diease-related risks, determine policies and protocols, and communicate to the campus community. Members include:

    • John Frazier, co-chair
    • Sandy Madar, co-chair
    • Bryan Boatright
    • Marci Craig
    • Shelley Floor
    • Missie Gardner
    • Kelly Gaughan
    • Pat Heddleston
    • Mike Parnell
    • Sara Sherer
    • Lee Smith
    • Beth Wayt

    Additional representatives of the response team include individuals from the Alliance City Health Department, Aultman Alliance Community Hospital, and Alliance Family Health Center.

COVID-19 Downloadable Signage

Download and print the provided branded signage resources to post in classroom, offices, facilities, etc.