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Events and Gatherings | Responsible Reopening

Events and Gatherings Reopening Information

General Guidelines

  • Offer a hybrid opportunity for participants for any/all gatherings/events. This includes offering participants the opportunity to call in for a gathering/event or to participate virtually. This may require a reservation system for people who will participate in-person and then links, etc. for those who will join virtually. 
  • Consider planning events for small numbers of individuals (10 or less).
  • Refrain from large events and gatherings. While the population on a large gathering/event is a nebulous number, we are asking that all gatherings/events remain under the amount permitted to congregate based on the State of Ohio’s orders, and when individuals are unable to remain the requisite six feet from one another for a 15-minute and longer period.
  • Wear face covering to enter and exit the facility. In cases where it is appropriate, consider wearing a face covering for the entirety of the event. If participants will be six feet (or more) from other individuals, facial coverings can be removed during the event.
  • Go paperless wherever possible, eliminating touchpoints such as exchanges of paper tickets, programs, or meeting agendas.
  • Build in time to clean the facility after the close of the event. This includes disinfecting seating and tables for the next group to utilize the space.
  • Provide signage for participants to direct and state expectations of behavior while attending the gathering/event. 

  1. Student Organization Meetings and Events

    We are committed to advising and hosting healthy, safe events and programs that follow approved guidelines and regulations, while also striving to provide students with meaningful campus involvement opportunities.  

    Leaders of student organizations, in consultation with advisors and Office of Student Involvement and Leadership staff, will reimagine meetings and events to focus on creating dynamic student engagement experiences that strengthen sense of belonging, shared responsibility, and support between and among community members while adhering to approved guidelines. Student organizations are permitted to meet, so long as they follow the guidelines and policies outlined.  

    Office of Student Involvement and Leadership staff will support student organizationin planning to shift engagement to maintain community and connections for student members. This includes the following opportunities:  

    • Hold meetings virtually when appropriate.  
    • Encourage and train student leaders on how to observe physical distancing guidelines, encourage face masks to be worn, etc. 
    • Develop clear and standard practices for student organizations of different sizes so that student organizations know, in advance, how to manage their meetings.  
    • Review meeting locations over the summer to assist in managing and meeting space needs for student organization meetings and events. 
  2. Informal Social Gatherings

    While Mount Union is a community that encourages networking and responsible socializing, students are expected to adhere to the Responsible RestartOhio plan when they are both on and off campus as they reconnect with others. Students are encouraged to create family groups with the people they live and eat with of no more than 10 people. If students choose to gather with others, these gatherings must be limited to no more than 10 people and all people must be at least six feet from one another. If the gathering is inside, this should include mask wearing.   

    This prohibits most parties, informal gatherings, or events at off campus houses. Gatherings held by student organizations must adhere to the safety regulations set forth by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. 

    Students who intentionally place themselves or others in danger of catching or spreading COVID-19 will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. This includes participating in events that do not adhere to the above qualifications.