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Call Center

Our Students Are Reaching Out to You!

If you have received a phone call from one of our student callers, then you have experienced our call center hard at work. The Raider Relations Student Callers are tasked with representing the University and growing support for The Mount Union Fund. Our callers would love the opportunity to hear about your own Mount Union experience, share campus news, and invite you to give back to your University. 

Impact of Student Workers 

Our student callers are committed to helping maintain and improve the Mount Union experience for all current and future Purple Raiders. These students value the quality education they receive at Mount and realize the life-long advantages that it provides. For this reason, our Raider Relations Student Callers are not only calling to ask for support, but are also calling to thank our generous donors for the great opportunities and experiences they are enjoying at Mount Union!

Our students talk to thousands of alumni and raise between $120,000 and $150,000 in Mount Union Fund gifts and pledges every year, much of which goes toward scholarships to directly benefit our students. Our callers not only make a huge impact on the Mount Union experience, but they also get a head start on their own careers by gaining key communication, persuasion, organization, and leadership skills as part of our team. 

Raider Relations Call Center Hours 

The call center is housed in the basement of Miller Hall and is operational Monday through Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. during the academic year. We look forward to speaking with you! 

It's an Annual Effort! 

Among our many goals: one conversation with each alum, per year.

Our Raider Relations Student Callers try their best to be considerate of your schedule. If you receive a call and are not free at the moment, let your student caller know what time would be best and he/she can reschedule a call.

Ways to Give 

There are many ways to give to The Mount Union Fund to fulfill your Call Center pledge. To give online, please visit our secure online giving form. 

Meet our Callers

Gabriella Matvey

Call Center Supervisor

Olivia Houseworth
Year: Sophomore
Major: Nursing

Terra Williams

Call Center Supervisor

Elizabeth Vincent
Year: Sophomore
Major: Human Development and Family Science
Anthony Cirino

Austin Forester
Year: Junior
Major: Business Management

Brandon Maxwell, Mount Union Call Center Cory Arp
Year: Sophomore
Major: Management
Danielle Dimuzio Edwin (EJ) Short
Year: Sophomore
Major: Sports Business and Marketing
Michele Hofacker Gabrielle (Gabby) Hill
Year: Freshman
Major: Neuroscience
Olivia Houseworth Grace Heed
Year: Freshman
Major: Accounting