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Helping Transfer Students Find Their Fit

March 24, 2020

By: Madison Zaleski ‘21

Deciding on a college can be a difficult process and sometimes it takes more than one attempt to get it right.

The thought of transferring may be unnerving at first, but it can result in so many great outcomes. Students sometimes become complacent with their current university and miss out on the chance to reach their full potential academically, socially and personally. Yet some have taken the step to pursue Mount Union as their new home. 

“Mount feels like a second home to me because I am genuinely comfortable with my surroundings and the people around me,” said Tia Stroncek ‘20, a criminal justice major of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “I’ve made friends here that make me feel happy and accepted. It’s a better sense of belonging.”

Mount Union makes transferring easy with the help of current students, faculty, and the Center for Student Success. Marci Muckelroy works there as the assistant director and no matter your situation, she and the office stop at nothing to make your transition smooth. 

“The professors and the Department of Education as a whole definitely eased my transition, along with Marci Muckelroy who answered any questions I had,” said Kaitlyn Budinsky ‘20, an early childhood education major of Carrollton, Ohio. “And if she didn't have the answers then she searched high and low until I received them.”

“Currently my biggest challenge is the pressure that comes from working with a family and attending college at the same time,” said Robert Floor ‘24, a management major of Minerva, Ohio. “Marci Muckleroy has really helped my transition to Mount Union as she understands and relates.”

Opportunity at Mount

According to, financial and social circumstances are among the main causes for student transfers. Other reasons range from programs of interest, wanting to be closer to home or their first choice just simply wasn’t the best fit. Mount Union does it’s best to meet every student's needs by offering a wide variety of programs taught by personable faculty members, putting on multiple social events, creating an at-home atmosphere, and offering it all at a reasonable cost. Also aiding in the cost, the University provides many scholarship opportunities specifically for transfer students such as the Mount CCU Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship and multiple Merit Scholarships

Although transferring can occur for several reasons, some student share about what brought them to transfer to Mount Union.

“I transferred to Mount Union because I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to be involved with music, Spanish, and biology,” said Stephanie Head ‘22, a biology and Spanish double major of North Canton, Ohio. “My professors have helped make this campus a second home. I feel inspired in everything I do here on campus because of them.”

“The scholarships I received helped me because the fact that I would save money by going to a private institution, as opposed to a  state school, was a huge factor that helped me choose Mount Union,” said Brittany Besancon ‘20, a human development and family science major of Orrville, Ohio. 

Mount Union also offers incredible Division III athletic opportunities for students to grow in their talents and obtain a fulfilling competitive experience in an atmosphere of respect, support, and teamwork. Transfers are always welcome and make excellent additions to the athletic families.

“I really wanted to go to a school where I could play basketball and have fun with the sport again,” said Logan Hill ‘23, a marketing and finance double major of Canton, Ohio. “The basketball team did a fantastic job with welcoming me into the family.”

Student’s goals are valued at the University. Mount includes learning experiences that contribute to the overall qualities its students possess, making them well-rounded and confident in oral and written communication. Also, providing students many post-graduation opportunities is important to ensure their success. 

“My ultimate career goal is to receive an opportunity as a human resource manager,” said Christian Lopez ‘21, a human resource management major of Deltona, Florida. “If I don’t reach that goal, I would love to work here at Mount Union as an admissions counselor.” 

“So far my favorite experience has been being a guest speaker at transfer seminar classes for Marci Muckleroy,” said Antwon Pugh ‘22, a criminal justice major of Fairlawn, Ohio. “I was able to explain and give advice to transfer students and provide them with ways they can be successful students here at the University.” 

Become Part of the Raider Family

Transferring to Mount Union will open up many doors for your current and future self. Join the campus community and emerge yourself in a pride-filled, friendly, you-centered and encouraging setting. Why wait? 

“It’s a small college, and everyone knows each other. Students all say hi and hold doors open for each other,” said Jakob Zimnoch ‘22, an intervention specialist major of Perry, Ohio.

“The school pride here at Mount Union is no joke,” said Besancon. “School pride is not just important to the students but the whole University and community surrounding Mount Union, and that is truly a special thing.”

For more information on the transfer process contact Miles McDaniel, transfer admissions counselor, by phone: (330) 823-2587 or (800) 334-6682, ext. 2587, by email at , or visit the Transfer Students page.