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Political Science

Do you care about civil rights, gender equality, the environment and government spending? Are you concerned about poverty, gun rights, or the reform of drug law? Do you want to make an impact on how our nation is run? Do you want to change the world or just make a difference in your community? Then political science is the right major for you.

Be engaged through our comprehensive political science degree program that stresses real world experience and provides you with the skills to make a meaningful impact locally and globally. Explore opportunities for active learning by participating in our Model UN or Mock Trial, network with alumni who are making a real difference or get involved in an internship that will allow you to discover where your future may lead.

The University of Mount Union political science alumni not only work in the government, even working for members of Congress, with state and local officials and in government offices, they are also leaders in non-profits and private businesses, are elected officials and civic organizers, improving their communities and changing our world.


Political Science Quick Facts  

The political science degree requires a total of 44 credit hours, along with the 32 credit hours required to fulfill the Integrative Core. As a political science major at Mount Union, you will explore the American government, international relations, and the American legal system. The degree also emphasizes practical experiences with as well as opportunities for hands-on learning to prepare you for a rewarding career, including: 

  • Opportunities to network with alumni who are making a real difference both in and outside of the classroom
  • Internships with various government agencies, local attorneys and judges, interest groups, and The Washington Center Program (assignments in the Washington, DC area)
  • Membership in Mount Union’s Model United Nations, a student-lead organization that aims to promote a better understanding of and provide for an active simulation of the United Nations as well as have students actively participate in Model UN conferences and tournaments
  • Participation in Mount Union’s Mock Trial

Learning Objectives 

The political science major at the University of Mount Union teaches students the processes of different political institutions. You will learn through class discussion and participation about decision making in the political world. In addition to the learning objectives listed below the challenging coursework and political science major requirements will enhance your ability to think critically, improve your ability to write with clarity, improve your ability to orally communicate effectively and will increase your ability to make sound judgments through analytical reasoning.

Opportunities such as Model United Nations, internships, mock trial and international security simulations are available to political science degree students to better prepare them for career success and graduate study. 

Political science majors enter the workforce as legislative and congressional aides, U.S. Secret Service agents, city and county administrators, elected officials and lawyers. If you are interested in any of those career paths, a continued education in the political science field is right for you.


  • Students will be able to describe and explain the functions of various institutions of government, both in the United States and elsewhere.
  • Students will be able to discuss a broad array of concepts related to government and politics.
  • Political Theory Objectives:
  • Students will be able to accurately define, evaluate, and critique the basic principles (e.g., liberty, equality, rights) inherent within our political/ philosophical framework of democracy.
  • Students will be able to contrast democracy with competing political systems.


  • Students will be able to read and interpret tables, charts, and graphs commonly found in the Political Science literature.
  • Students will be able to apply appropriate tests to perform basic data analysis, correctly interpreting the results of those tests.
  • Students will be able to identify the methods used in various sub-fields of Political Science and employ those methods in an appropriate manner.

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