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Fall 2020 Responsible Reopening

Campus Expectations and Guidelines  

We look forward to welcoming students back to campus this fall, while recognizing that resocialization to the campus environment must be rolled out in a stepwise manner that ensures the sustained low infection spread, coupled with the ability to rapidly identify and isolate new cases. Our knowledge of COVID-19 continues to evolve, and plans are updated as appropriate as new information becomes available. The University is committed to continuing to follow the Responsible Restart Ohio plan, as outlined by the Governor’s Office, as well as those guidelines provided through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other guiding agencies.

As we return to campus and begin a “new normal” for operation, we fully understand that many have concerns about safety, as well as changes in procedures, programming, and policies that have been implemented. Please navigate this website to ensure that safe practices can be implemented and contact the Office of Student Affairs with questions, concerns, or issues.  

Mount Union is committed to supporting our students in their return to campus during this unprecedented time and recognizes the value of the on-campus residential experience.  While the information contained herein is intended to provide some detail, there may be additional modifications needed as the year progresses and we track the impact of COVID-19 on our community and campus.  As always, we will endeavor to update you with timely information about specific health and safety guidance important for our community.  Therefore, it will be more important than ever that you read your email daily.

Responsibilities and Expectations

Institutional Safety Protocols

The University is taking following steps to continue to maintain a safe campus. 


The Physical Plant housekeeping team will clean and disinfect offices, classrooms, and labsas well as restrooms and common areas, daily, when buildings are open. This includes before, during, and after “business hours.” A member of housekeeping will return twice daily to disinfect high-touch areas, including doorknobs, copier machines, elevator buttons, bathroom counter surfaces, etc. The University uses CDC and OSHA approved procedures for cleaning practices and utilizes CDC—approved, hospital-grade disinfectant. Cleaning supplies will also be available throughout campus so that any member of our community can sanitize their own space.   

Other Safety Measures  

A number of adjustments to spaces were made to ensure appropriate safety measures can be met. It is expected that students will adhere to and observe the following:  

  • Physical plexiglass barriers installed in areas where six (6) foot separation cannot be met  
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed in key locations across campus 

Mount Union Microsoft Teams and Zoom Backgrounds

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