Peter Young '18

Major: Physics and Mathematics
Hometown:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The friends and professors I’ve had so far have been absolutely amazing, and most of them start to feel more like family; it’s hard to feel alone at Mount.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of Mount Union offers integrated learning opportunities and challenges for motivated students with exceptional academic potential. The program is designed to foster intellectual curiosity, leadership, initiative, creativity, civic-mindedness and a high standard of performance.

Professors in Mount Union’s Honors Program are innovative teachers and dedicated scholars who come from a variety of disciplines. The recently revised University Honors curriculum parallels the Integrative Core with specially designed honors sections and exciting co-curricular opportunities. Honors courses emphasize intellectual contexts, student autonomy and connections among fields of study. The Honors Program is a learning community for students that provides academic and social support to engage in a different kind of learning, encouraging open inquiry, empathetic engagement with diverse perspectives and safe spaces for intellectual risk-taking.

In addition to an excellent academic program, the Honors Program offers a variety of social, cultural and service opportunities. These have included special seating at university lectures, trips to museums, meals with the honors professors, movie nights and service projects. Mount Union’s Honors Council develops and sponsors activities and events driven by student interest. If students choose, they can live together in an Honors Learning Community theme house.

Two honors tracks are available: University Honors and Honors in the Major. A qualified student may participate in either or both tracks.

The first, University Honors, fulfills a student’s Integrative Core requirements and includes a First Year Seminar, three Honors Foundations courses plus an elective in the fourth Foundations area, an Honors Theme, which comprises one Honors theme course plus a Theme project to be completed in conjunction with an upper-level course of the student’s choosing, and an Honors Capstone. University Honors students must fulfill the university foreign language and mathematics proficiency requirements, as well as successfully complete a second-year Written and Oral Communication (WOC) portfolio.

The Honors in the Major Program offers the opportunity for intensive, individual study in a major. Honors in the Major is earned by completing honors projects in regular courses. Although the nature of honors work will vary, it should involve intellectual creativity and may take such forms as research, investigation, or artistic effort. The student initiates and plans the honors project and works closely with one or more faculty members in carrying it out. Students who choose to participate in the Honors in the Major track will complete a total of 12 semester hours within their major field of study.

The University of Mount Union Honors Program offers eligible students an exceptional educational opportunity and a supportive community of students focused on academic achievement and social responsibility.

If you do not meet the criteria to be automatically admitted into the Honors Program and would like to be considered as a candidate for University Honors in Fall 2018, click here to apply.


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